Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hanging around the house

Our family did a lot of hanging around the house during our visit.  Probably a little boring for my nieces - no video games here.

IMG_1116Here is Uncle Terry spending quality time with the boys - showing them a Handy Manny video on his iphone!  We laughed about this one.






He got into character though with full cowboy gear (including the cowboy iphone).

It just so happens that our water heater went out when everyone arrived.

It just so happens that Terry is very handy.

It just so happened that Terry spent much of his vacation out here installing a new water heater for us.  Terry is so generous with his time and talents and we are so grateful for his help!

Amelia couldn't decide if the Bumbo seat was a potty or a thinking cap.

IMG_1117 IMG_1135

The boys call my sister Amy "Aunt-Ah-May-Mee" and Squirt spent much of the weekend shunning mommy and whining for "MAYMEE!!!"


The name for my mom is "Grandma Jellybean" and here is why... she ALWAYS has jellybeans to pass out and when Hunter was a little tot he would say, "Grandma?  Jellybean?"  So now that is her name.


I brought out the jumper for our princess, but she was barely in it because we all held her so much!


Another token shot of my hubby with a baby girl!


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