Friday, December 26, 2008

bottom's up!

In Utah's constant ambition to rid the filth from this state, the lawmakers are working on banishing malt beverages from being sold in the grocery stores.

I thought that was bad.  But it turns out that by getting rid of the cheerleader beer, the real beer market is expanding a little bit.

Amen and Hallelujah!  My FAVORITE beer has finally crossed the Rocky Mountains and landed in my fridge!

Kare, Amanda, Carrie... come on over!



Krista said...

wow I take a few days off and you suddenly get all chatty! cheers to you, looks like ya'll have been having a wonderful time together. and together has to be good when you're plowed in! here's to a stocked fridge (all the milk AND honey brown you need) and no place to go.

Mountain Mama said...

Can I come over too?
Oh wait. I can't. You have a HUGE snow wall in your driveway. Oh ya, and I don't like beer. Still looks good and like a lot of fun! Do you have any Zin?

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