Tuesday, December 23, 2008

girl time

Boo hoo.  My sister Amy and her family and my mom just left after a five day visit from the suburbs of Chicago.  Time definitely flies when you're having fun.

We had some good girl time though.  Our first full day was spent at my hair dresser getting some new do's.  Vivian tagged along with us and we left the rest of the crew at home.

Me and Vivi chilling and waiting for Amy to make a decision.  (I was sucking my thumb too, but decided to take it out for the picture.)


She made a decision!  I talked her into it - Mom was trying to talk her out of it... Locks of Love is getting a package and Amy's husband Terry is about to be surprised!


Girls with fresh haircuts.



amyandersonrn said...

We miss you all so much already!!! Can't wait for the next visit. Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess.

Mountain Mama said...

3 beautiful women and one very cute baby!

Thanks for stopping by after the "Do's" were done. So fun to meet Vivi ~ she is adorable.

Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

cute haircuts...i might be inspired to do the same!

Kathy said...

Them' there are some good looking ladies. The cut and color looks fab-o! (I'm a firm believer that one doesn't have to sacrifice a good thumb sucking picture for the sake of timidity:)

I love getting my hair cut...I feel like a new mom ready for battle. :)

Thank you for the message from Darc. Back at ya girl. We are so excited to have them home with us...we absolutely can't wait...

Hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Christmas.
Many blessings.

Natalie said...

Way to go for Locks of Love! You all look GREAT!

Mama Shoe said...

female bonding and makeover... the good things in life! =)

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