Monday, December 8, 2008

costco, the craft impaired woman thanks you....

I am not crafty.  I do not like to clean, cook bake or make crafty messes in my kitchen that my boys often BEG for.

Enter a Costco purchase for less than ten bucks:


Every possible thing a gingerbread house needs was in the box AND it came with instructions.

So suddenly, I was a cool mom.



Pretty careful for a bunch of boys!






Does this make me crafty?








Anonymous said...

I saw that at Costco and thought it was pretty cool. Glad you were able to act on it and had a great experience with your boys!!! Memory making times!
Mom (aka Grandma Jellybean)

Lynette said...

I hear you. Craftiness and I do not belong together in the same sentence. I love that kit and may just have to go out and buy one today. So, are you going to let them eat it?

Krista said...

the measure of your actual craftiness is irrelevant, because this is what is getting posted to the boys' memory banks: "remember every time we used to make gingerbread houses before Christmas? that was so awesome!"

and yes, you are a VERY cool mom.

Mama Shoe said...

Cool mom. I'm not crafty either. When the boys want to paint or do anything with glue, I tell them that's why I sent them to preschool so they can make the mess there.

Not only are you cool, you're smart. Buying a kit costs way less than getting all the stuff together yourself!

Katie and Tyler said...

Heck yes...thank heaven for Costco!

Kathy said...

Score. That is awesome!

I love crafts. I'm also a first born child. My need for control and for things to go the way I plan...ruins craft-time.

Them' are some good looking houses!
You're a great mama!

Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

i almost bought one!

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