Tuesday, July 22, 2008

you just might be a redneck....

If you are hanging out with a dog that is chewing an elk hoof that happened to be laying in the yard.


If your three year old son has a fluorescent orange cast and is shooting a .22 rifile.


And this is what he's shooting at:


P1020360 Yes, that is really what he was shooting at!!! We went down to Scofield this weekend to the hunting camp that Kenyon's friend and hunting buddy owns. The boys fished non-stop and Sauce caught his first fish ever - a 16 inch cutthroat (is that how you spell that fish?).

Proud as pie:



Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Oh My...that is a PERFECT title for this post. Love, love, love, the orange cast! Can't wait to catch up!! :o)

dogfather said...

Glad to see Kenyon is starting them young. I seem to remember a little blonde girl who loved to go to the plinking pond once upon a time. The boys must get their "love of the outdoors" from both sides of their gene pool.

Kristin said...

HA! I love what they were shooting at! Your boys and mine would get along great! They were fishing all morning yesterday and caught a bunch! They came home with many stories!!

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