Monday, July 21, 2008

From splint to cast

P1020312 After a week in a hard splint, Rufus got a full cast for his broken arm at the Primary Children's Hospital orthopedic clinic last week. Luckily, I asked for a waterproof cast so that I don't waste my pool membership this summer.

He got to choose the color cast and when they didn't have yellow to match the wrap he had on his splint, this is what he chose:


Yes, ladies and gentleman. My son is brainwashed, because if it isn't camouflage, then it has to be 5-mile, regulation hunting fluorescent orange. Three more weeks to go!



Candis Daugherty said...

Only the mother who blogs consistently and is on her THIRD broken bone would have the wits about her to take pictures at the ortho visit...I love it!!

Kristin said...

hey laurie,
just spent some time catching up on things over there. wow - you all are busy! sorry to hear about another broken arm! poor guy....doesn't look like he is having such a hard time though : )
and oh, my heart aches for your sister. i would be out buying butterfly things as well. i love the ultrasound picture.
miss you!

dogfather said...

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When can he go pheasant hunting?

Jess B said...

Think of it this the end of the three weeks, it's probably going to look closer to camo than blaze orange. lol!

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