Tuesday, July 15, 2008

boys and broken bones

What happens when you take a deck with broken railings and add a three year old riding his bike?

Oh you silly reader, don't ask silly questions like, "Why was he riding his bike on the deck?"

You get the boy riding off the end of a deck into a window well and a broken elbow!

P1020269Yes ladies and gentlemen, for the third summer in a row, a Sweeney boy has broken an arm. We have no preference for which arm, for we have broken both right and left. We have no preference for where the break is, for we have broken elbows and wrists. Also, we're not picky about the method in which we break arms, bikes are the preferred method, however, the monkey bars have aided us as well.

P1020271 P1020272



Tanja said...

What nonsense about me being bored with you and your boys!!! But i am so sad to hear Andrew broke his elbow...

Mountain Mama said...

OUCH! If only bikes had seatbelts - - I am sure you would be the first to have one.
You are a tough boy, Andrew. Can I sign your cast?

dogfather said...

What a brave boy Drew is. Just trying to keep up with his big brothers. At least Brendan and Cameron were not involved. He did it to himself.
Cute! Very Cute.

Candis Daugherty said...

Boy, I'd like to be your family's orthopedist. Could you please tell Lucas that it is not necessary to be just like his older brothers in EVERYTHING. Maybe we can save one of the Sweeney boys (I'm not betting on it though...)!!

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