Friday, February 29, 2008

How much is that doggy on the bloggy???

OK, I know when I have hit my limit, and I've hit my limit. I also know it's been a long winter, and that contributes to it, but I know it's also going to be a busy summer too. One of the dogs has to go. I don't have the heart to take her to a shelter, or list her on some classifieds for some stranger to find, but I figure with all the people that I know that read my blog, there's a good chance that by word of mouth, I can find her a good home.

Let me introduce you to Cleo. She is a purebred Keeshond and almost three years old. We've had her since she was a puppy. We bought her from a reputable breeder, but I've realized that she just isn't my favorite breed. She is about 32 pounds and is very furry. Ideal for cold climates and will need grooming periodically. She is totally housebroken, crate trained, although we don't use her crate frequently because she is fine in the house when we're not home. She does bark at the doorbell and strangers on walks, but is just noisy (we have a barking collar for her that works very well). She is great with other dogs and kids. In fact, she's wonderful with kids - my kids climb all over her and she's never even lifted her lip to growl.

We love her, I just can't do four kids, a husband, a house and two dogs anymore. We're willing to put her on a plane to get to the right home for her. You can email me with questions at


Go Fisch said...

Awwww, Cleo. So sad that she has to go.

Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

Don't do it!!! She was there before Lucas, maybe he should go instead. We will take him!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

WHAT!!!?? You can't get rid of her! Would she like to be an outside dog on a farm? hee hee

Natalie said...

I have to say that while I miss having a dog, I don't miss all of the dog hair clean up--clearly, you know what I mean! Cleo is adorable, but that's one hairy dog! I just know you'll find her a good home soon!

Had to laugh, in sympathy with you, not at you, about the basement cleaning up. It's the bane of my existence. . .argh.

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