Thursday, February 7, 2008

Davy and the boys!

Well, if arranged marriages were politically correct today, I think we would have found a match! My dear friend from college Karen, her husband Jeremy and their sweet 9 month old daughter Davis Milan (a.k.a. Davy, Davy Crockett, or Baby Crockett) came to visit from NYC for a quick weekend of Park City skiing and playing with the Sweeneys.
At first we thought that we'd arrange for Squirt and Davis to sign an agreement, but they didn't show a lot of interest in each other. Sauce fell in love with little Davy though, and was such a helper and a sweet friend to her. The legal paperwork is still to come, but serious talks are in progress!!! We had such a fun weekend. Kenyon and Jeremy skiied Park City Mountain Resort and Snowbird and were blessed with a weekend FULL of snowstorms. Then Karen and I got to get out together for part of the day on Sunday at Park City. I'm sorry to say that Karen is a snowboarder. Even though she went over to the dark side, I still loaned her some snow gear to go board her bootie off on the mountain. I have to say though, not only is she really good, she helps to improve the reputation of all those ill-mannered snowboarders out there!

Here are Sauce and Davy studying the map of Park City.

The Gaskill family in the snow cave in our front yard. Jeremy spent hours outside with Hunter shoveling these deep tunnels in the MOUNTAIN of snow in our front yard.

On Saturday when the men were at Snowbird, and the older boys were at ski school all day, Karen and I took Davis, Squirt and Rufus to the community indoor pool. This pool has a two story waterslide, a lazy river and a zero edge, soft-floored play area with a playground for the little ones. We had so much fun and it was the babies' first time in a pool like this. They loved it and Rufus was unstoppable!

Davy and Squirt in the locker room, ready to swim!

Karen and Davy

What fun!

Finishing out the night with a story as usual. We're reading one of our favorites, "Pirates don't sit on babies!" Davis is watching from above!

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kkmjbook said...

oohh, how fun to have Karen and Jeremy there visiting you guys. Sure would love to get the whole TUFW or Filly group together. Could you imagine the fun those kids would have?
Love ya - kk

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