Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guilty as charged

Since we're homeschoolers, I regularly attend a homeschooling support group and we try to have monthly field trips for the children to enjoy. I was responsible for planning and arranging January's field trip, so I arranged to have a tour of the brand new police station in Park City. One of the officers happens to attend our church, so I asked him if our group could come for a tour. He graciously arranged it and unfortunately when the day arrived, a fairly large snow storm had hit the night before. Out of 34 people who RSVP'd to be there... we had four. Yup, the boys and I got a private tour of the police station and had a blast.

Officer Mark Chytraus is explaining technical police protocol to my boys. Rufus felt the need to get down on Mark's level.

The vehicles were one of the highlights for us. They got to sit on the police 4-wheeler.

The Park City police drive Harley Davidson motorcycles in the summer (nothing but the best for 84060!)

These are the benches that arrestees get handcuffed to as they are processed. There is no real jail at our police station, so this was the closest thing to it. I couldn't convince Officer Chytraus to handcuff these suspects to the benches though!

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