Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Mom, can we play K'NEX?"

K'Nex is the popular toy in this house right now. Hunter got a starter kit for Christmas because he is the boy who will make something out of ANYTHING. He regularly pulls trash out of the bins and comes to me with a mangled scotch taped creation saying, "Mom, look what I made!" He has earned the nickname "Dumpster Diver" in our family. So, I thought K'NEX would be a constructive outlet for him, but all the boys love them and I am currently shopping for second hand bins of them to add to the collection. Luckily, they're not totally independent to build some of the bigger things yet, so it's good time for mommy to sit and "help" with certain projects. Sauce wanted to build the windmill this week, so we did it together - it actually has a motor that spins the top part. Pretty cool. Meanwhile, Hunter was making his own racecar and Rufus made a little fighter jet.
I do have to add that once Squirt starts crawling, this toy is going to be a nightmare!!!


Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

cute boys!!

Grandma Jellybean said...

Boy Sweetie, you are keeping them coming fast and furious. I have to remember to check more often! Love seeing all your life happenings and wish I could be there more often. Give each of those boys and your wonderful Kenyon a kiss for me. Love you all.
Grandma Jellybean

Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

What cuties! What was it like having a girl in your home. She's so cute and I LOVE the name Davis - it was on our long list.

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