Tuesday, January 1, 2008


We had two hilarious sleep episodes here in one day. Squirt has learned to bounce pretty well in his Johnny Jumper and bounced himself to sleep. This is an adorable video of him fighting the sleep bug!

Now here's Rufus with a terrible cold and cough, sitting at the breakfast bar, waiting for lunch and he just couldn't stay awake long enough for his sandwich to arrive. The second we mention going up to his bed, he perks up!


Mountain Mama said...

LAUR!!!! You win for the cutest boys -- EVER! I absolutely love those video clips of your sleepers. Priceless.

Candis Daugherty said...

OK, so I just caught up on your blog. Those are the cutest videos of your sleepyheads! Also, Chris is very jealous of all your snow. We had just enough in Indiana for Chris and Cade to have a snowball fight, but that was it...and it didn't stick around for long! Missing you...Love ya! Candis

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