Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dancin' Drew

Lastnight was "store night" at AWANAS, and this being my first year, I didn't know we were in for part two of Christmas! The boys came home with many purchases with their AWANA bucks, which they earn for memorizing Bible verses (sounds like bribery to me!). Rufus came home with a new toy cell phone that even has a blue tooth headset like daddy's and this is him this morning dancing to the music it plays! I think he has his mom's rhythm!

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Mountain Mama said...

Love the "hip" moves. Finally, a new post on your blog and you went all out by doing more than one! See ya tonight!
ps Thanks for the sinful chocolate covered pretzels. I have to guard them with my life. Everyone wants some. I tell the kiddos. These are mommy's treats. No touch!

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