Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Park City moms' morning out!!!

My husband is great to me during the week to arrange a periodic workday at home, when he can get things done and manage the troops while I get out for a morning of skiing. This week my friend Christa and I planned on skiing from 9 to 12 on Wednesday, but little did we know it would be the best powder day we've had for a long time! We did lots of blue and black runs, some of the terrain was untouched and we got to ski shin deep through the powder. I would say that "Newport" (see black diamond run to the left) was our favorite run of the day because we chose to do it twice. The powder (and burning thighs!) definitely took us to our butts a couple of times, but it was fun and we laughed a lot. In the end, Christa lost a ski once and I lost a pole once, but we had a great time and I'm thankful for a good friend to "powder around" with!

Me on Newport

Christa taking on the black diamond!

At the top of our last run - still smiling!

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Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

I am jealous...i want to go skiing with girlfriends. After an outing in Salt Lake yesterday, I realize I am not quite up for skiing yet! But soon!

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