Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grandma Jellybean and new carpet

We were thrilled to have my mom, Grandma Jellybean, come visit for a long weekend. She hasn't seen the kids since Lucas was born, so she soaked up every minute with my boys.

Grandma Jellybean with her grandsons

Me and my 7 month old boy!!!

Grandma doing "pony boy" with Squirt

Here's Squirt doing his new favorite activity - EATING!!! He's huge!
One of the down-sides of the weekend was that we were supposed to get new carpet installed and the installation kept getting delayed... so much of our time was spent sitting around the house waiting. We had all the living room furniture crammed in the kitchen, so we didn't really have a comfortable place to hang out, and the boys were ready to climb the walls. Luckily, we kept them distracted with lots of new library books. Mom was such a help.

Here's Rufus laying on one little scrap of old carpet to watch Dora

Reading and nursing - big parts of my days are spent in this position!

Here's a glimpse of the new carpet - hopefully we can get some new furniture in there soon!

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