Saturday, November 22, 2008

sweets for some sweeties

100_1114_00 If you know me, you know my heart and passion for orphans.  Two and a half years ago I went on my very first mission trip to Russia with an awesome organization called Children's Hopechest.

We spent ten days falling in love with a bunch of unwanted kids - we put on a summer camp to teach them how much God wants them.

The orphanage was designated for special needs children, and many of them did have special needs - but by far, the majority of them were normal, smart, sweet, loving, needing-to-be-loved children.

When we arrived from our hotel each morning this is what we saw:


This is my little sponsored boy Vitya.  None of the kids had ever even seen bubbles, much less blown them.  Such simple delights.

2006-06-18-02_0025 IMG_0419

We played ball, danced and let them "do" our hair.

FH020001 Our Final DancesOur Sweet Babies

IMG_0379We were VERY silly with them.  This is Sergey and he was about to graduate from the orphanage we were at (which only went up to the fourth grade) and move to an orphanage with much older kids.  He was so sweet and won everyone's heart.



IMG_0396I don't know what else God will put in my future path regarding orphans, but I am certain that there will be something because they are never far from my mind.

I just heard of a great fundraiser by Elle and her site Sweet Hope.  Go read about it and buy some chocolate.  I ordered a bunch for Christmas gifts, but seeing that it all gets shipped December 12th, I doubt they'll make it until Christmas.

Go read about it now, and be sure to click the "order" tab.  What I do know from my experience is that a little bit of love/money/effort can go a long way in an orphan's world.



Mama Shoe said...

Precious. THANK you for sharing this piece of your heart. (Did the boys go with you?) I love all the pictures!

Kathy said...

Oh wow, this is absolutely awesome...

So awesome..

Much two little cousins are from an orphanage in Russia, and they are such a joy!

How amazing to see the Kingdom of God at work..

Thank you for sharing this..

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