Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random thoughts

I must post in bullet points today because none of these items are significant enough to make up a post of its own.

  • I just finished preparing THREE Thanksgiving dinners. We are hosting our friends Erin and Dave and their family tomorrow after we had out of town company cancel on us (do we stink?).
    We just finished dropping off the other two dinners at the homes of two families who otherwise weren't able to have a meal this year.
    That's an understatement. God has been so good to us. I am so grateful that I have the ability to go to the grocery store 17 times to prepare these meals, fill up our tank of gas to drive and deliver them and hug all four of my children, hug my husband a little harder :-) , and then all have a meal of our own together. (run on sentence anyone?)
  • In reference to the above point - have I ever told you that I don't really like to cook? Today I would be happy to never have to look at, prepare or eat food again.
    But now it is time to make dinner. Hmmm.
  • Squirt is doing this ADORABLE nodding game that I promise to get on video soon. We ask him a bunch of questions like, "Do you love your mom?" He nods yes. "Are you really cute?" Nod. "Do you have stinky pants?" Nod. "Are you funny looking? And randomly, he'll shake his head no. We all love to play the game and we get a lot of family laughter out of it.
  • Also, have I mentioned how much that baby boy loves his teddy bear? We call him "Mr. Bear" and as much as we try to keep Mr. Bear in the crib for something to look forward to at nap and bedtime, occasionally, he is dragged all around all day.
  • Hubby has the entire week off of work and I must say that my workload has been cut by half because he has been so helpful with the children (not so much with the food preparation, but I'm okay with that). We love having him around the house. Do you have to go back to work next week Honey? Oh yeah, the grocery thing and that pesky mortgage. We'll miss you!
  • We saw the two hour premier of "24" a few nights ago and had never seen the show before. Our project this week is to stay up way too late watching all the past seasons of the show on rented DVD. So far, I don't know what hole we've been living in that has prevented us from watching it all along. Love it!
  • P1030244Last week Hunter's literature unit allowed us to pick from a selection of novels, and we chose "Ramona Quimby Age 8." Anyone remember the raw egg on the head episode? Hunter must have read that chapter seven times.
    Ramona's mom accidentally gives her a raw egg in her lunchbox instead of a hard boiled one. The fad at school is to crack hard boiled eggs on their foreheads and, well, you can imagine what happens.
    The boys LOVED that part of the story, so last week we made egg salad for lunch and I had them all crack the egg shells on their foreheads. We had a good laugh and for that moment I loved homeschooling. That warm and fuzzy feeling comes and goes.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!


Mountain Mama said...

Mr. Bear is cute. But, that other little bear is even cuter!!!

Glad to hear you enjoyed homeschooling for. A. moment.

Katie and Tyler said...

Seriously...can you get more amazing? We had the most fun with you guys last night!!! You are quite the woman!! Kenyon and your boys are so lucky. Your home has such an awesome spirit and we love being there with our kids. They are going through "Sweeney Boys" withdrawals. (hopefully that meaning won't change over the years...HAND CHECK!)

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