Saturday, November 15, 2008

dear dental office

Dear Dental Office,

I am writing to request a change in your policy and procedures.

In the case that several staff members are sick and have gone home for the day with the small issue of vomiting up their breakfast and the actual dentist is feeling some symptoms and wants to go home early as well...

PLEASE do not call me to ask me if I can bring my three children in early for their cleanings.

That little piece of information is important to communicate to a mother of four young children so that she may make an informed decision whether she would like her children exposed to the nasty vomit germs.  And although we like our dentist very much, I would have preferred to delay our appointment so that he was not bending over my boys' faces while suffering the plague.

Oh, and I would have felt a lot better while cleaning up vomit last night if your office staff hadn't mentioned to another patient how sick everyone was feeling AS I WAS LEAVING THE OFFICE WITH MY CHILDREN.

Please consider this request and distribute the revised policy in triplicate to the front office staff.

Many thanks,
an overtired mother, sick of sick people who willingly spread their germs


Mountain Mama said...

Oh Bummer!

Good thing today is laundry day :)

Hope you have the energy after a night of partying with the girls and a night of cleaning barf.

Anonymous said... unprofessional!

bummer for you. hope they're recovering...

dogfather said...

Stay healthy!! Your men need you!!

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