Monday, September 1, 2008

new morning!

P1020749 Ok, I'm still alive, awake, and have a much better attitude.

But still an aching back!

Right after I published my last post, my sweetie called me and said that he waved his white flag at the deer for the weekend and was coming home!

We went to church as a family on Sunday and guess what he did after we made lunch...

He cleaned and re-organized the garage (#26). I think that might be the fourth or fifth time in this calendar year that he has done so.

We invited our friends Rob and Christa Anderson and their son Sawyer to join us for dinner - and the kids were thrilled that they got to see their favorite superhero.

I think I started to get my energy back when Christa and I made plans to meet today (without kids!) and get a Starbucks and meander through TJMaxx.

I mentioned that I might feel the need to look for a new purse. My husband retorted sweetly with some comparison of needing new purse to a hole in my head.

Now I think I might need a new purse and some shoes to match!


dogfather said...

you go girl. How about a purse and shoes in camo for hunting?

Candis Daugherty said...

And don't forget the outfit for the purse and shoes to accessorize.

Kristin said...

oh how i love that store - as well as marshalls! hope you found the perfect items to match that purse and shoes! and if they were on sale, you could buy two!!

p.s. micah says he does not like the bears. sorry.

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