Saturday, September 20, 2008

three's a dream!

Kenyon took Hunter antelope hunting yesterday and left me for four days with ONLY three kids.

It has been a total dream!

It's funny how taking one child away changes the entire dynamic. Sauce and Rufus have been playing so nicely all day long.

And taking two days off from teaching second grade has been GREAT!!! Hunter's school is the most time consuming part of my day, so Sauce and I have gotten a ton of time to get ahead with his school work.

Today we went to McDonald's for Happy Meals, Walmart for a few things and had a dinner of apple slices, chunks of cheese, carrots, peaches and a gourmet dessert of graham crackers dipped in honey butter from the farmers' market.

Now Squirt is in his bed and the rest of us are all curled up in my bed watching one of our all time favorite movies - "Cheaper by the Dozen."

Watching a family with 12 kids tricks me into feeling like we have a calm and quiet brood.


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Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

It truly does change the dynamic doesn't it? So true!

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