Friday, February 4, 2011

the knucklehead chronicles - part two

First, read part one.

Now, for EXHIBIT B:

Exhibit B

School has interfered with my ability to fit in timely haircuts for the boys.  I comb their hair every morning as they are gulping down their cereal.

However, I don't inspect the condition of their eyebrows.

One Friday afternoon, The Hunter had his best school buddy over to play and I heard a lot of snickering and, "Don't tell her," going on.

I'm okay with a secret as long as it is okay to be a secret, you know what I mean?  So after asking if their secret was an appropriate secret, being reassured that it was, more laughter and whispering, I ignored the knuckleheads.

Suddenly, the secret was killing him.  He showed up in the kitchen and said that he can't keep it from me any longer.  He lifted his long hair away from his forehead.....

and I nearly peed in my pants.

While taking a shower in our bathroom, he decided to experiment with his dad's razor.  Instead of shaving his leg or his arm, the parts that a woman might see as logical he went for his EYEBROW.

At this rate, I fear puberty.  Knucklehead.


Natalie said...

I think even better photo opps will present themselves as the eyebrow grows back in! Eyebrow stubble!

Mama Shoe said...

Can't wait for exhibit C.

Kristin said...

hasn't this happened before in your house!? GLAD it hasn't happened here yet! love it!

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