Monday, November 8, 2010

the knucklehead chronicles - part one

I call my friend Erin a "girl mom."  Her oldest child is a girl and I think it doomed her to have unrealistic boy standards.  Her husband Dave is a man who says what he means and means what he says.

One day after hearing Erin's pure exasperation about the antics of their boys, Dave enlightened her with the truth about boys.  It went something like this:

"Boys are knuckleheads.  They are knuckleheads when they are born and they don't stop being knuckleheads until the age of 25, and even that is variable."

I completely and totally agree.  If there is one thing you can depend on from boys, it is that they are knuckleheads.



"What is that?" you say.  The Hunter has a friend who's dad works for $kullcandy and generously gave pendant necklaces to the entire class.

Rather than wearing the above referenced necklace around his neck, my little knucklehead chose to stick his pinky through the eye socket.

Enter swelling.


The ice was no use.  Butter, cooking oil, no luck.  My man had to bring out the big guns.



To my knowledge, Erin hasn't had to bring out bolt cutters with her little knuckleheads just yet.


Anonymous said...

oh mercy. we've been there. not with the bolt cutters exactly, but i get it :)

like, for instance, my boys almost set the house on fire with those foam-noodle swords, when they put them ON THE HALOGEN LIGHTS in their ceiling fan. really?


Mountain Mama said...

Hilarious! Oh, and I have no knuckleheads. Wait a minute - I have 3! One, of whom, shot out one of our windows with a BB Gun ricochet. So dumb and so not thinking. i won't tell you which one (the oldest).

ps planning to be in PC thur? We will be there!

Mama Shoe said...

Funny! the knucklehead chronicles, love it! Sounds like the title of a book that's just waiting for you to publish. Can't wait for part two, three, four...

Natalie said...

Hilarious. Even though it involves one of my family members. And I agree with my brother in law--whether or not knuckleheadedness stops at 25 is truly a variable. Just sayin'.

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