Tuesday, June 16, 2009

signs that he's the fourth child

  1. P1040067At 11:30 a.m., with no lunch makings in sight, he is found on a chair at the breakfast bar, reaching into the sink to pull out dirty bowls from breakfast. He lines them up and proceeds to eat all the cereal that is not stuck to the bowls (with the spoon that he also pulled from the breakfast dishes).

    And Mom just stands there and watches him.

  2. He frequently gets bathed with a diaper wipe because he is crusty, dirty, and downright disgusting at the end of a day.

    P1040095But a bath would be too much trouble.

  3. Where's Squirt? It's been quiet in here for a while.

    Check outside with his brothers.

  4. The only thought of changing his diaper comes when Mom finally notices that it is hanging down to his knees.

    Gotta get our money's worth.

  5. The six year old regularly gets him out of his crib at wake time.

    Hence, refer to point #4.

  6. He gets kissed on, hugged, tickled, snuggled, and adored by Mom because she knows how quickly the time goes.


Debbie Willis said...

I had to laugh because your words sounded all too familiar, except for me it started with #3. Poor Danielle will probably be all on her own for meals and baths.

amyandersonrn said...

That first pic looks exactly like Hunter! It's uncanny, and I thought he was a Sauce look alike, what was I thinking???Poor Squirt, somebody feed the boy!!!

Lynette3boys said...

Oh yes, I can totally relate to this. I'm pretty sure they're going to turn out just fine. A little crusty old cereal never hurt anyone.

Kathy said...

Hilarious. (And count me in as one who can relate...)

He is adorable!

Natallee said...

I love this!! TOO cute and too funny!!

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