Sunday, March 8, 2009

time to recharge

When the testosterone gets too deep in my home, I flee to recharge my estrogen batteries.

I'm posting from sunny Palm Desert, Cal-if-orn-I-A!!!

P3073948My college roommates, Amanda and Carrie, and I have met on our annual girls' weekend for many years now.  We usually meet up in one of our homes once a year for a weekend, but occasionally, we impose on Amanda's parents in Palm Desert and plant ourselves in the sunshine and hot tub until margaritas run out for hours on end.



We've had lazy mornings with coffee in the sunshine.


With views like these, it is hard to miss home!


Colors... the girls have been trying for years to get me to get a professional color analysis. 

From the fashion gurus themselves, knowing what colors look good with your hair, skin and eye color combination makes a difference in how you look and ultimately saves you money because you don't buy anything that doesn't look good on you.

Amanda had this done several years ago.  Carrie had it done last time we were here (two years ago) and they finally talked me into it this year.  It's not a small investment and I was reluctant because I'm fashion retarded not stylish to begin with.

This is Andie and apparently, she is the best there is where color is concerned!


She looks through the peep hole of these color samples to determine my skin, hair, and eye color.  This is what it looked like from my point of view:


Although Andie was the expert and the final authority, Mrs. Landin, Amanda, and Carrie would each submit a vote as well.

P3073963   P3073964

Conclusion:  I'm a "True Honey Toned Spring"

Translation:  I will be wearing corals, medium blues, brown, off white, and every other color that will arrive next week in my own personalized color palette. 

Carrie and Amanda never leave the house without their palettes and they are a force to be reckoned with in any TJ Maxx or Target!

Luckily, my palette will be very similar to Amanda's and she and her mom have a color memory like a steel trap, so we ate lunch at the golf club and then we were off to shopping.


The best part is.... we have two days left!!!


Anonymous said...

As I was reading the post and we were looking at the pictures both Hunter and Sauce said simultaneousnessly, "We wish we were there!" I quickly told them, "Trust me they don't!"
Enjoy the sun. Your boys miss you and are excited to see you...all five of us :) KS

Mountain Mama said...

OH, the life!! Sunshine, spas, hot tubs, sunshine, friends, color palettes, sunshine, drinks, dinners OUT, sunshine, lazy mornings, coffee with friends and sunshine!! (did i mention sunshine and did i mention that we are to get 6-12 in of snow today?)

Nice med blue sweatshirt. Looks great on you! Where did you get it? :)

Glad you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

You lucky, lucky girl! Have a great time. I'm getting away for 2 days this weekend and I can't wait!!

Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

looks fun. i can't wait to see your color palette! Enjoy your time with your friends!

Mama Shoe said...

So glad you're having fun, relaxing and getting fashion/color tips (oh i need that!). Please enjoy it for all of us! =)
love, gracee

Carrie said...

Miss you alreday and I am still sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. For the next few months I will close my eyes and picture myself with you and Amanda on the back patio, coffee/drink in hand, sun on our faces and our stomachs aching from laughter. Love you Laur!! you are my sister

Kristin said...

oh say hi to them...have fun!!

Amanda Greene said...

i read your blog!!! i'm going to let you know when i read it so you can't get after me! :) ha.

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