Friday, March 13, 2009

missing this...

It has been extremely hard to come back this week to the cold and snow and RESPONSIBILITIES!!!  I miss every moment of my time being all about me!



 CIMG0586 CIMG0582








On second thought... I sure am glad to be back to this:

duke1 costumes

This is where I belong.


Mountain Mama said...

Welcome Home!

Natalie said...

Is that tag sticking out of your shirt, Minnie Pearl?

Kathy said...

So great. What a fantastic site to come home to. Love them...

And I take full credit for the cows. FULL credit. :) So glad you were able to connect with our precious family. We were praying for your time.


Anonymous said...

welcome back...isn't it nice to be greeted by clonetroopers (i think that's what they are - right? or is it stormtroopers?)!

you look so cute in your pictures!

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