Monday, March 23, 2009

the mckinneys

Immigrating to west was a step of faith for us. We left a lot of friends and a church family that we loved. And we knew no one between the eastern edge of California and the Mississippi River.

It had the potential to be a very lonely time for a young family.

Luckily, we were blessed with some fast friends. Christine was one of Kenyon's co-workers. She and her husband Gary are passionate gearheads skiers and although they live about 11 hours away, they had been coming to our little ski town for vacations for over 20 years.

Christine and Gary have six grown children of their own and just as many grandchildren. Yet, they have made room in their hearts for our crew and they have become family to us.

We share happiness and sadness with them. We talk to them on holidays and celebrate birthdays with each other.


And although they have a timeshare condo here in town that they visit once a year, we've now convinced them to come and stay with us at other times so they can kick our butts on the slopes we can ski together.

Our boys are blessed to have another set of grandparents in their lives. Christine always brings very noisy battery operated presents when she comes. Best of all, they have their little inside jokes with the boys like, "Have you been pinched today?" or "I'm going to scob your knob!"

We love our dear friends the McKinneys. Here's a fun video of last week at the pool in their timeshare complex. You can see why the boys love them!

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