Tuesday, October 14, 2008

say what?

P1020563 Rufus has had a couple very funny quotes lately.  We're thinking about having his hearing checked.

Yoda in Star Wars:  "Don't point your weapon at me, I mean you no harm!"

Rufus:  "Don't put your weapon on me, I know him!"

Weeks later, we heard this one.

Daddy to me:  "I don't really like Pinot Noir."

Rufus:  "I wike to pee in the water.  I wike to pee in the stream!"


Anonymous said...

ha! nice confession about outdoors peeing :)

i don't like pinot noir, either. now, pinot grigio is a different story.

Kathy said...

Ahh peeing outside...I've learned to embrace it..

I enjoy your blog! Blessings!

Katie and Tyler said...

I'm laughing so hard right now...love them!!!
I use that first one often...;)

Candis Daugherty said...

Priceless! Our favorite saying from Cailin right now is when she gets a treat, makes the dog sit, and then asks him to shake. She then says, "nice meeting to you!"

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