Thursday, October 16, 2008

my brown thumb

I am not a gardener.  My sweet mother in-law is a master gardener who can turn any brown space colorful and blooming.  She loves to dig in the dirt and once every couple of years, she comes out west and revives my yard from the dead.

Seeing that neither my husband nor I carry her green-gene, I have one, lone house plant.

It was looking a little sickly at the onset of summer, so I took it outside for some sunshine and regular moisture from the sprinkler system.

But I forgot to bring it in when the snow arrived.

Hence, I may be on trial for murder:










Natalie said...

I have two houseplants. They are dying a slow, painful death.

Mountain Mama said...

I have much greenery. All of which are silk!
I did have one "live" plant last spring. It is now brown and still sits on my laundry room counter - dry and dead as a bone. Don't know why I haven't thrown it away. Maybe I think there is hope that it will revive itself and I won't feel defeated.

Anonymous said...

i cannot grow anything (except babies) to save my life. i currently have two houseplants that will not last much longer. it's sad, really, that i can't figure out how to appropriately water them! i always think "how hard can it be?" and then the plant is dead in a month.

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