Sunday, October 5, 2008

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Dear Teenage Babysitter who drives a nicer car than I do,

I want to take an opportunity to give you a few clues about the real way to a mother's heart.

It is not relaxing for me to go out with my beloved for the evening and come home to dirty dishes in the sink, food dried and plastered to the counter, and your half-full Starbucks cup left on my coffee table.

Yes, I'm glad that my children were alive and well when I got home, I understand that is the most important part. But considering I had them all in their pajamas before I left and they were only awake for an hour after I left, I think you could have found time to clean up the crumbs, pan and plates from the frozen pizza that you made for yourself.

Would it have been too much to ask for you to put a couple of cereal bowls in the dishwasher?

Someday you'll understand what it is like to be a mom who is cleaning up messes all day long. You'll realize what a treat you could have given me by just cleaning up a little bit around here.

And I'm sure you'll also see why I'd rather stay home and watch a Redbox movie with my hubby than to bribe pay you to stay with them for a few hours so I can spend some time with other adults.

Only to come home and be forced to clean up after you in addition to my children.



heresthediehl said...

I KNOW. seriously.

When I was babysitting as a teenager, my mom would have freaked out if she found out I didn't at least clean up after the mess that was made while I was there...and I was "encouraged" to do dishes, etc. We almost never find a sitter who cleans up after herself. It's so annoying.

Jodie B. said...

Sorry you had to clean after an ungrateful spoiled brat. When I babysat, I made for sure the house was cleaner than it was when the parents left. If I was really close to the family, I would help do laundry, make beds, do dishes (even if they were there before I came over). I hope my kids grow up to see how wonderful it is to do nice things for others, even if you're getting paid. It's always good to go above and beyond expectations. helps to get called back.

Amy said...

Amen. I don't know what you pay your sitters, but I pay plenty to come home to a clean sink. (And no coffee OR soda cans to clean up.)

Mountain Mama said...

NO kidding!! What happened to the days when "sitters" actually played with the kids (and not computer games, texting or watching tv) and cleaned the house even if it wasn't their mess BUT definitely their own mess!!!

And all for $.75!!!

I will babysit for you anytime - and I won't charge you 75 cents an hour.

dogfather said...

Maybe an incentive plan is in order. Babysitter gets a set of rules and signs a contract for the night. If he or she does less / they get paid less. If more is done then more is paid. If no goals accomplished - babysitter is fired on the spot- no pay and never to return.
To expect ambition out of a teen without incentives - both positive and negative - may be too much to ask of this ipod generation.
Good luck.
Poppie Bob

Jess B said...

Alright, I was TOTALLY that sitter (minus the better car part. I had a crappy car...) but, I did play whole-heartedly with the kids I sat for. We did crafts and games and movies with popcorn and all kinds of really cool stuff. I cleaned the messes that we made and at least got the dishes to the sink. I think back now, as a mom, and wish that I could go back and at the very least apologize to those families where the messes were left. But, I was always asked back, so I'm guessing I did something right....

Just a thought from "that sitter".......

Faithful Froggers said...

WOW! That wouldn't make me happy either! Thankfully my mom lives close - so usually I don't need a sitter. And Grandmom always cleans up. :)

Is she at least nice and good with the kids?

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