Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer is peeking around the corner

This weekend we've finally seen some temperatures in the upper 70's and lower 80's. We have savored every moment of it and much to the horror of our neighbors, we have neglected our lawn that is growing into a jungle from all the rain snow in May and June. Even though Squirt came down with his first ever ear infection, we've been taking family bike rides, jumping on our neighbor's trampoline, shooting magpies with a bow and arrow from the upstairs windows going to a minor league baseball game and not stopping to eat anything of substantial nutritional value.

Our good friend Todd Fischer gave the three older boys their first formal golf lesson (go figure, we live on a municipal golf course). Sauce has a passion for it and a natural swing, Hunter is equally passionate, and soaked up all the direction he could from Todd. Even Rufus hit a bucket of balls and we were amazed at how he connected with so many of them.

Here's Sauce:

Here is Todd with the boys:P1010913

Here's Rufus:

Squirt has been up to his own share of monkey business too. He's crawling all over the place and although he doesn't yet seem interested in walking, he finds his way to where he wants to go. It seems like every time we turn around he has climbed the stairwell and is entertaining himself in the outlets bedrooms and toilets bathrooms upstairs.

Aside from a busy schedule of swimming lessons and Vacation Bible School this week, we are finishing up our last couple weeks of T-Ball for Hunter and Sauce. They are having a blast and their coaches refer to them as "Rocket" and "Cannon" respectively.


Jessalyn said...

Hey Laurie - just want you to know that Clorox 2 rules and that you stink lady.

Kristin said...

My boys exclaimed this morning "I'm so glad it's finally summer!" Glad to hear you are getting some warmer weather. Who in the world wants snow in June?

Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

Looks like lots of fun at the Sweeney House.

Mountain Mama said...

You are busy! How do you manage it all? hee hee

Natalie said...

Eating things of limited nutritional value? Shocking! Oh wait, did Erin mention how many Oreos were consumed in Yellowstone last week? Dang.

Carrie said...

hey I have asked before how do you do that cross out the word thing. I want to learn and be like you. Help me out.

I am happy for you having warm weather finally. Miss you Laurie.

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