Tuesday, June 24, 2008

anyone want to buy a pop up?

This past Friday we took our 1985 tent trailer out for the first time this summer. We went out to the Uinta mountains to a campground called Shady Dell. We had a shaky start, especially when we went to two different campgrounds that were full and then our trusty crappy camper broke AGAIN upon setting it up. We spent over $300 last summer getting the crank cables fixed - and they broke again!!!!

In order to get past the marital strife that hangs around in stressful moments such as these, we took out the two by fours that we kept stored in the camper for just a moment such as this. After propping up the ceiling over our heads, we moved on to have a most glorious weekend out in the wilderness filled with hiking, squirt gun fights, splashing in the forty-something degree Provo River, campfires and s'mores. We brought scooters to ride in the campground and took a couple of walks each day. We drove all the way up Mirror Lake Highway to the other side of the Wasatch National Forest and at the top, there is still six feet of snow all around. When we stopped to look at the view at nearly 11,000 feet elevation, we had a snowball fight Kenyon bombarded us all with snowballs which was totally hilarious - especially when he hit the camera straight on.

We stuffed ourselves with yummy food prepared by the award winning camp chef and had s'mores each night whether we were hungry or not. The kids behaved very well and slept like a dream - especially our sweet dog Jack, who quite happily cuddled up in Rufus' bed.

"The only thing you can never do over in life is raise your kids."

I chose Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Miracle of the Moment" for this slideshow. Kenyon and I have been working very hard lately to savor each moment we have with these sweet boys. We know that their childhood is fleeting and soon we will look back and wonder where the years went. Already Squirt is turning one and we constantly remind ourselves that THEY are our legacy, not our job, house, money, passions, work or hobbies. It's moments like these that I don't ever want to forget.


Kristin said...

Family time is precious! Looks like a great vacation. And you are right - it goes way to fast!!

Mountain Mama said...

That is the cutest slideshow ever!! How do I hire your camp chef?

Carrie said...

You are amazing, I want to go camping!!! Your family is precious. Love you,

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