Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look familiar?

This picture looks vaguely familiar, doesn't it? Yup, I've posted these pics in the past. But these pictures are from THIS MORNING - JUNE 11th!!!

So, in honor of this shi depressing event, I've decided to write a Letterman-like top ten list.

Top Ten Highlights of Living in the Mountains:
10. Snow tires - the perfect solution for that extra $600 laying around.
9. Fleece - would you like fries with that?
8. Air conditioning, shorts and swimsuits are overrated.
7. How else would the natural gas companies post record profits if we didn't need to run our heat in JUNE???
6. It's fun to make plans dependent on the snow forecast.
5. When you spend
this kind of cash, you might as well get 10 months of use per year out of it.
4. We're a rugged bunch (we really are).
3. Hot chocolate stands have a higher rate of return than lemonade stands.
2. All wheel drive - all year long!
AND the number one highlight of living in the mountains is...
1. Being indoors a lot somehow produces large families!


Mountain Mama said...

YES! I like #1!!!! No doubt. I also like #3. When are we moving our families to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

Nice list Laurie. I wondered how you guys ended up with so many kids. Who knew it was weather related.

Seriously, this is ridiculous. June 12...snow, 50 mph winds here, and what's left of my sanity drifting somewhere out over Nebraska.

Scott Balyo (living the good life in Cheycrapisburg, Wyoming...)

Carrie said...

Haven't you heard of snow cones?? live it up Laur.

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