Thursday, April 24, 2008

you play and you HAVE to pay

I need to get up earlier.

My sweetie pie's work and school schedule gets him home so late some nights of the week that by the time he walks in the door at nearly 10 p.m., we feel like our evening has just started and stay up until at least 11:30.

That's my excuse for not being a morning person these days.

BUT, seeing that I've nearly slipped into clinical depression remembering that I was wearing flip-flops and shorts to a softball game this time last year AND knowing that shorts season is soon (please be soon!!!), I've been getting on that dusty but deluxe treadmill that has been serving as monkey bars down in the playroom. I faithfully watched the entire season of The Biggest Loser, and this season Ali reminded me of what a slippery slope weight is on with her quote, "I wasn't always heavy, I got fat five pounds at a time."

Five pounds at a time.

Five pounds isn't overweight. Five pounds isn't unmanageable and a lot of people would be happy to be only five pounds overweight.

But Ali lost about 100 pounds - painfully and with a lot of hard work.

Oh Laurie, you're not fat. You're a tiny little thing who's had four babies. You're not 19 anymore! Yeah, I've heard them all and my friends tease me about leaving the hospital in my size four jeans after babies (SO NOT TRUE!! haven't seen size four since jr. high), but I have more than five pounds hanging around right now.

Now, also please note that I've never been an athlete or considered athletic in any way, shape or form. I didn't play sports in high school or college (does dancing with a beer bottle in my hand count?), and I wasn't a cheerleader, pom pom squadder or flag tosser. I hated gym class and to this day I really don't enjoy anything that requires a lot of physical work and pain. Yes, think back to double-stuff oreos, that's more my style!

All that to say that I've dusted off the treadmill, bought myself some fancy running shoes and started power walking AND running for a couple weeks now. And back to my original point - I'm not getting up early enough (that was a tangent, wasn't it?). Because when I take a break with school and let the boys color so I can move my fanny for 40 minutes, THIS is what happens:

Now that will motivate anyone to get up earlier!


Mountain Mama said...

Um Excuse me! I have seen you walk out of the hospital after having a baby... Size 4!!
You look great but the exercise will definitely make you feel better. Shall I be the one to give you a wake up call each morning?
Tell the boys - - Great Art Work!! I enjoyed it but I also don't have to clean it up.
Happy Monday!

Kristin said...

aahh laurie - i hear you about that weight issue - 5 pounds at a time. sometimes i would watch the biggest loser while eating ice cream?! does that sound right? anyway, if i can get up extra early each morning for my exercise time, you can to. that's my only alone time these days and i covet it! good luck! : ) p.s. great job to the boys - ha ha ha

Candis said...

Ohhhh, I do love expressive art work! The boys look that make-up? Daddy must be so proud.

Good luck with the workout. I've been planning my next workout for months!

Love ya!

heresthediehl said...

loved this post...i was often preparing something horrible to snack on while watching this season of the biggest loser!

i, too, could stand to lose a few pounds. though i'm where i was before getting pregnant, things just aren't like they used to be, ya know? the thought of weighing LESS than i did before kids is so exciting. yet, i am unmotivated.

loved the artwork. my middle child just cracked up when he saw them, so i'm expecting a similar post too, since he probably thought it was good idea despite me telling him it was not.

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