Tuesday, January 31, 2012


  • Joya 178We inherited an outdoor cat to solve our mouse problems from some friends who moved away.  Our outdoor cat has suddenly become an indoor-sleep-on-Rufus's-bed-22-hours-of-the-day-until-I-put-her-out cat.  My husband likes We like her though. 
  • I've decided that my favorite daytime listening Pandora station is "70's easy listening" - there is rarely a song I don't love.  I know, I should work in a doctor's office.
  • I'm seeing my sweet Squirt blossom at four and a half years old.  I agonized over the thought of him going to Kindergarten this fall, but now I think he's really ready.
  • Joya 127Two weeks ago a dear friend and I set up a "let's meet for dinner come hell or high water" night.  That night was last night.  It was blissful.  We ate lots of food including fried green tomatoes.  We talked and talked and laughed until the restaurant closed and then we walked to my car, I drove her to her car, and we talked for another 30+ minutes.  I left with a smile on my face.  It was a treat.
  • Fifth grade homework sucks.  I hate that projects become MY work and I wind up caring more about his responsibilities than he does.  Then again, I thought that midnight feedings sucked until I was on my third and fourth child and then they were easy.  So maybe fifth grade will be like that.  Or maybe not.
  • I hate the school science fair.  Please refer to my previous bullet.
  • My kids are so hungry when they come home from school.  Today I have dinner prepared for them at 3:30 so we can eat for real and then a snack later.  I'll report back with how that works.
  • One of my older children still wets the bed at night and I've gotten my hands on a "potty pager" to try to train the stubborn child out of the habit.  Last night was the dry run, except it wasn't dry, it was wet, more than once, and he hates wearing it.  I hate pee, so there.
  • Joya 185The first part of January was spent painting Mrs. Nesbit's room, and since we've lived in this house six and a half years and I've been looking at dingy not-so-white walls and ugly light fixtures in my bedroom, I just decided to push on through and paint that room too (which happens to be a rather large bedroom).  Ceiling, trim, walls, outlets, light switches, and light fixtures are all new now.  I was an aching, messy, paint covered, non-showering woman on a mission for an entire week, but it is done and I love it!  Now we are drooling over the thought of new carpet, and I hate to drool.
  • Because I know you're wondering, our adoption paperwork is in the final stages and we look on track to leave for China on March 14th.  My waves of anxiety have started regarding our/her transition and I'm clinging to the proven fact that God works good through the hard stuff in life.  Not that I wish it to be hard, but I want more of God for sure, so pretty much I can't lose, right?
  • The ski season has been a total BUST so far and I am actually praying for several big, powdery snow storms to crush our little town so that I can frolic on the slopes sufficiently before I bring a precious two year-old home from China.  Have you ever known me to pray for snow?  It's bad, people.


m2c said...

Kenyon is indeed gaay. The cat picture took it over the top for me.

Mama Shoe said...

Love the bullet points. That's how my mind is working these days. Can relate to all except the last 3 points... cats, pee, food, projects and all!! {hugs}

Grandma Jellybean said...

One might think your writing skills might decline with all the other other skills you are perfecting these days, but they are excellent as always!!! Love you, Mom

me said...

Eva just started using a "potty beep" too, if that's any encouragement - cousins working together for a common goal!

Debbie Willis said...

We had the older kid wetting the bed problem too. I know this might sound weird, but Dr. Webster had them try taking a low dose of anti-depressant once a day. (some sort of brain thing related somehow to wetting the bed). Only took a month and they were both done with wetting the bed at night. Worth a try. There were no side effects that I was ever aware of.

Julie Thompson said...

I am feeling the same way about fourth grade!! Constantly going back and forth between feeling like I am being too strict, but wanting bad habits (like simply not caring at all) to be addressed now instead of when he is 18 and dealing with a subject I have no clue about. Sorry about the Science Fair. Hang in there with all the thoughts of Joya's transition. God will supply you with grace to walk through that time and you will definetly grow! Love, Jules

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