Thursday, August 26, 2010

yellow school bus day

During the last couple of years I could be often heard saying, "It's a yellow school bus day!"  That meant that home schooling was particularly challenging that day.

P1060054 Today was the real deal.  My fourth grader The Hunter and my second grader Sauce started school today.   And all the anticipation we've been feeling for weeks and months ended.

We had a great morning.  Mom woke up before everyone else due purely to nerves so I could get showered and ready first.  We woke up the boys at 6:45 and they hopped right up and got dressed in the clothes they excitedly laid out last night.

We then huddled up with blankets in our chilly living room for our family Bible time.  We took this recommendation from the book "Going Public" by David and Kelli Pritchard.  We've been reading together on and off all summer, but plan to do this every morning before school from here on out.  Five Psalms and one chapter of Proverbs each morning.

It's so fun to hear the examples that the boys apply to God's word.  There is truth at every maturity level.

Then they all hopped up to the breakfast bar and devoured some cereal.  I ushered them upstairs to get hair combed and teeth brushed.  We took the lunches that I made last night out of the refrigerator and put them in their backpacks and headed off for the bus.

A couple of neighbors were gathered at the end of our street waiting for our bus driver Joe.






Unfortunately, Squirt is three-going-on-seven and thought he was going with his brothers on the cool school bus.

Not so, youngling.


I didn't want to cry in front of the neighbors need to cry with all the tears that Squirt was spilling.  But I caught my Beloved choked up as the bus doors closed.


Mama Shoe said...

It sounds like a wonderful start. I love the Bible reading routine you're building to your morning! Very happy for you Laurie, it's going to be a great year!!

dogfather said...

The little ones are out of the nest. They will come home with stories of the day and to the comfort and security that you have provided so well.
The toughest part of parenting for me was letting go.
Hope to see all of you soon!

Mountains, snow and sweet little toes said...

Love you guys!

Julie Thompson said...

Very Cool! Nothing like the first day of school. I have been thinking a lot about you guys and wondering how it is going.


Kathy said...

Seriously tearing up here. The picture of Squirt makes my heart absolutely hurt! Such sweet boys. Such a sweet moment captured. Well done mama.

Natallee said...

Congrats! I hope it goes well for you guys! I will be thinking about you! I love the picture of squirt! It is a heart breaker! I love how much love exists in your home! You are a special family!

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