Friday, August 20, 2010

a debt

I decided to get decked out this morning with my three pieces of baby jewelry. The gift I received from my beloved after our little blond Rufus was born is a gorgeous sapphire and diamond bracelet.

The Hunter noticed it immediately because I don't wear it that often (I don't know why. I am vowing to wear it more often). He asked where the bracelet was from and I explained the story.

"Daddy gave it to me to thank me for giving him Rufus." I explained.

"What did you give him?" he asked.

"His boys!" I explained. "You all grew in my body and I gave birth to you."

"Yeah, but mom, he gave you the sperm!"

"Oh sorry, you're right. I should get him a thank you gift for that,
shouldn't I?"

I guess I am glad my nine year old still thinks sperm contribution is a big sacrifice for creating a family.


Krista said...

wait--only three pieces of baby jewelry? but you have FOUR sons!

this reminds me... I only have one piece of baby jewelry. at least I can't remember the second. and there is definitely no third. hmm.

Blackbird said...

Wait... there's such a thing as getting gifts for giving birth? I think my husband missed that memo.

That bracelet is gorgeous!

I showed the "sperm" comment to my husband and he said, "Sounds like something Kenyon would say." So I think there's been a little indoctrination on Daddy's part. ;)

Kallie said...

from someone who has been delivering babies to SCREAMING women for the past week (approximately 10+ in the last 5 days!) i think this is the most hysterical comment i've ever heard.

ps the stream video is hilarious :)

My Daily Circus said...

thanks for the sperm ...that is great thinkin!

i am gigglin

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