Monday, June 28, 2010

tenting it - WTF?

After enduring a LOOONNNNGGGG wet and cold spring, summer has finally arrived in Utah.  We love to get out into our beautiful wilderness and camp as many weekends before hunting season arrives as we can fit in.

We have been in a small group Bible study with five other couples for nearly five years now.  Cleverly, our comedians gave our group the name, "With The Father," or, "WTF" for short.  Ha ha.

Most of the group joined us about an hour south of our home town for a weekend of camping fun.  And some scenery...  sheesh!


Day one, we explored Bridal Veil Falls.  Or some of us explored the falls and some of us stayed with the little ones and watched the men them explore.


I didn't need to be convinced to hang out with this guy.


We looked up and watched these guys get smaller and smaller.  Can you find four of my men in this picture?


I'm exaggerating.  We had plenty of fun at the bottom.


And bottom.

Squirt and his buddy Bean.  These two have so much fun together:



Back at camp, we enjoyed the fire, the food, and the fun of Father's Day.



We split up meal responsibilities between the families, and luckily, the Andersons volunteered for breakfast. 

The Andersons are Texan.  'Nuf said, y'all.  YUM. DSC_0957

Yes, they are all ours!


Day two: we drove up another canyon to visit the Mt. Timpanogos Caves.  The hike was about 1.5 miles each way and a gain of about 1100 feet of elevation.  Sounds tough, but it was paved the entire way.  The kids had no problem at all.



P1050690Once at the top, we had a ranger-guided tour through the caves.  Boys plus caves equals fun.  They loved it and even obeyed the "no touch" rule extremely well.








This is the stuff I want to spend our free time doing.  These types of places are right at our fingertips out here and even when it is a little further out, the travel time has always proven worthwhile.

Weekends like these make me see clearly why God gave me boys.



Mama Shoe said...

Breathtaking views! I love your vacations, I can see all the reasons you love living in UT. Sure beats any resorts here! =)

Kristin said...

seriously - that scenery is amazing! devil's lake in WI sure seems small compared to that! ha!! looks like a great time! love the name of that group : )

Kathy said...

So great. SO, so great. The fam told me they enjoy it so. Those pictures absolutely make my heart smile. All of creation truly groans in anticipation.

I told Jed your acronym and he didn't get it. Your secret is safe with me. ;-)

Much, much love.

Julie Thompson said...

Wow. That is so awesome. How beautiful! You were made for boys! All I'm capable of doing is taking a picture of a beautiful cherry tree in the spring ... that's ohio for you!

The Balancing Act said...

How are your shingles???

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