Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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I have been so scheduled this school year that I'm very much enjoying the randomness of summer.

Have I mentioned that summer has arrived in Park City???  Have you heard my "Amen!" from the mountaintops?

I have many "facebook-esque" updates, not one being worthy of an entire post - so here they are.

  • We bought our community pool membership for the summer.  I've realized another great benefit to not having any itty babies - naps are optional!  I can see that we are going to be poolside nearly every day this summer.

  • Except when we're beachside, which is just one month from tomorrow!!!  I cannot wait to be with my siblings and my nieces and meet my new nephew.
  • Isn't he adorable?  He's smiling because my brother just told him that he gets to meet me next month!!!
  • Speaking of vacation, my sister and I are trying to lose a few lbs before we plant our butts in the sand.  We've both had success with this before.  It isn't easy or a magic potion.  It is about making food choices that keep your blood sugar relatively constant throughout the day.  That plus the 30 Day Shred - I'm one focused girl right now.
  • It is hard to quit my sugar addiction.  I miss sugar.  Oh, and white bread and chocolate chip cookies.  I'll stop there.
  • I've also given up my nightly occasional glasses of wine.  I (jokingly) told my beloved that when we are at the beach I'm going to drink like a sailor.  He said that he is all for it.  I have no idea why ;-)
  • My big boys have been staying up too late and getting up at their regular time.  Pretty much a formula for grumpycrabbybickeringandfighting.  My solution has been to give them a 1 mg tablet of Melatonin with dinner.  Asleep by eight o'clock.  Thankyouverymuch.
  • P1050585 My in laws were here visiting and thank the Lord for them because my boys got to get all things their mom doesn't do adventurous and messy and anything to do with gardening out of their systems.  I love my mother in-law because she exposes my children to things that I have absolutely no creativity energy gift for.  She comes out to visit with a well thought out plan of the memories she wants to make with the boys and I get a rest they all have a hoot.  Today was a sad day when we all had to say goodbye.

  • I watched my boys tried to ride an old baby tub down our stream (which is ice cold snow melt) in their underwear.  Video to come.
  • I've realized (again) that there aren't any television shows worth watching in the summer.  I am on a mission to read three books.  Book reviews to come.
  • P1050594My baby Squirt is turning THREE this month.  He has been telling anyone who will listen, "My bir-day is Elmo bir-day!"  Aunt Louie is coming from Atlanta for the big day and that is the only reason I can't wait.  When I ask him who will be my baby if he is a big boy now, he says, "I don't know." in the cutest voice you have ever heard.  Little does he know that he'll always be my baby.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


Mama Shoe said...

Hey friend, enjoyed your random updates. That melatonin idea is definitely news I can use! And your video is hilarious! Enjoy your summer and all the fun that's waiting for you all. Love ya, g

The Balancing Act said...

So I am left out of the weight loss plan, eh? Glad to hear I will be the beachside chubster :) Nothing new since my only successful weight loss plan to date has been morning sickness :p Can't wait to see you guys!!!

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