Thursday, March 18, 2010

the podium

Although our mountain town keeps winter alive and well until late May, our ski season is coming to a close.

Our little men finished up their ski programs this weekend and our voices are a little hoarse from our cheers.

Rufus finished his program with the Cookie Race.  Notice the foil-wrapped cookie medal around his neck.  Coach Julia was awesome and really helped lay the foundation for his future in skiing.




Today The Hunter and Sauce had the final race with real times and medals within each age category.

P1050207 The Hunter spent the day battling the barf and diarrhea bug, but mustered up the energy to get to his race and take third place in the eight year old category.

Coach Martin named his team of boys "Princesses" and worked these boys to the bone this season.



Sauce was visibly shocked to beat out every other boy in his age group to take first place.  Coach Justin sure sharpened his skills and their team had such a blast this year.



I did get to ski with my boys a few times this year.  Here we are on top of the world last weekend.


And, my world of men - my life and pure joy...


Just so you know, this is how it all starts.  Here's our little Squirt, giggling through his first experience on skis. 

I'm sure he's picturing the turns he will carve with his brothers someday.


Amanda Greene said...

that ski picture needs to be your Christmas card pic. it totally captures your family's passion and LOVE! LOVE it. And of course the brown coat is amazing on you :)

Natallee said...

WOW!! This is so cool!! I am sorry you guys have been so sick- but it doesn't look like it's been keeping you down too much! You are all amazing!

Mountain Mama said...

Congrats to the future Olympic skiers.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love that video of your little squirt skiing!!! Precious family!

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