Tuesday, March 2, 2010

brain power

Today was the first day in as long as I can remember with the two brain cells I have left, that my eldest and I did not have a giant conflict over school.

Without creating a long-winded, drawn out, boring post about why I started home schooling, I'll just say that all I have thought about this year is when I'm going to stop home schooling.

I have tried every way I could think of, and some ways that others have thought of, to smooth out our day and make third grade more enjoyable for The Hunter.

With no success.  It has been a really tough school year for me.

Have you ever had the thought, "I'm trapped in the situation I created."?

There have been hissy-fits (mostly him, but sometimes me) e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. and I have realized that the only time I'm not in conflict with my boy is on the weekends.

It has made me very sad.  I have felt like a failure and questioned my decision making as a parent.

But today was a breath of fresh air.  It was still time consuming, and a lot of work, but it was peaceful and productive.

I made a small adjustment in our schedule, and it made a difference for today.  It felt so good to see some initiative out of this boy who I know is so smart and has so much promise.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring....

but I'm grateful for today, and I'm celebrating it.


Natallee said...

This is a good reminder to us all of why it is important to take parenthood one day at a time. It is the hardest thing I have ever done! You are an amazing mom and you are doing amazing things with your home schooling! I love you and I love your example to me!
Embrace your good day!

Mama Shoe said...

Grateful and celebrating with you. Encouraged by your perseverance!

Krista said...

wow. I am sitting here thinking of pulling Maren out of school for the 3rd grade. And we already fight about homework every day. but the more we fight, the more determined I become, that I would like to break through that stubbornness into a beneficial teaching relationship. so I continue to consider homeschooling. still not sure about it, but I am encouraged by your honesty. Thanks.

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