Monday, January 11, 2010

what cartoons are good for

tomrecordplayer A conversation my beloved and I overheard in the car tonight:

Sauce:  "I know what a record player is."

The Hunter:  "Oh yeah?"

Sauce:  "It's something that's on Tom and Jerry."

The Hunter:  "Oh yeah!  Tom turns it on to play music!"

Who said cartoons are a waste of time?  Our kids are learning history!


Sarah said...

I love when I am driving around and there are hilarious conversations like that going on behind me...instead of whining and bickering. Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

my boys love tom and jerry, and i distinctly remember explaining to them what a record player was on this episode!

Mountain Mama said...

We are soon going to have to explain to them what a cassette is...crazy! Maybe Tom and Jerry will teach that too.

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