Thursday, January 8, 2009

girlfriends rock

When I first received this video from a friend in an email, I had no idea who this woman speaking was. 

I Googled Kelly Corrigan and found that she is an author and breast cancer survivor.  Off to the library I went and devoured her biography, "The Middle Place," in about a week.  She is as well written as she is well spoken.  She is funny, HONEST and REAL (love that).

She does drop a few "f-bombs" in her book, but when you're a young mother dealing with an ugly thing like cancer, I think you're entitled to that.  Plus, she is F.U.N.N.Y.

I am blessed to be able to identify with what she says in this video.  I have women in my life who walk with me through the valleys and celebrate on the mountaintops - and I am really grateful.

You know who you are.  I love you girls.

I can't do this life without you.


Natalie said...

I just got a Kelly Corrigan video via e-mail, too!

Amanda Greene said...

I loved that...did i send it to you? I do want to read her books...she's from philly! :)

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