Wednesday, May 7, 2008

t-ball punks

T-Ball season has started and Hunter and Sauce are on the same team (by request - makes my life a lot easier) - the Astros. They have only had one practice and haven't taken their new caps and jerseys off since Monday night.

Sweet Hunter, always aware of where Mom is on the sideline.

Sauce - totally focused on the ball

And here we have a glimpse into my time at t-ball...

Keeping him away from the bats and balls

Or serving as monkey bars for him to climb all over - he sure is cute though!


Keepin' Up with the Joneses said...

thanks for blogging about your life! You are a special mom and friend! love ya. Jenny

Mountain Mama said...

Go Astros! That's my new team for the year b/c the boys are cute.

Blackbird said...

So where's Andrew?

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