Saturday, December 1, 2007

We have a reader!!!

Brendan reached a major milestone in his reading and when he reached his goal, he not only got his long-awaited rollerblades, but we made a cake to celebrate! It was also a victory for me, as I never thought I'd be a homeschooling mom, and when I started it, it sent me to tears and I hated it. But now I can say that we've had a successful year so far and I think I'm starting to like it!!! My friends know that I am not a great cook (more like, I CAN cook, but just don't love to), well, I'm even less of a baker. This is why I buy all the birthday cakes in our family. It was late in the evening and Kenyon was still at one of his MBA classes when I decided to do this cake. After it came out of the oven, I didn't take the time to let it cool (I was wanting them in bed pretty badly!), and I tried to dump it out of the pan to a cooling rack (can't believe I even OWN a cooling rack), and yes - it came out into a million pieces! I stuffed it all back into the pan, slapped a bunch of frosting on it! I called it our "Messy Cake" and we ate it from the pan with spoons. By the way, the boys weren't nuts about the pink frosting (we're a very BOY family), but it was all I had on hand. Here are the pictures!

Mixing the batter with their aprons from Hunca Munca

Andrew licking the spatula

Eating the batter

The messy result

These are Brendan's glasses that he bought with his "Sweeney Bucks" (fake money system we have in our house). He says he looks like Arthur in them!

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Mountain Mama said...

Ya Brendan! We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Your mom is a super-duper teacher. But when it comes to cooking she needs to stick with the cans and can opener and let the grocery store bake the cakes - hee hee.


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