Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The greatest gift

After we returned from Montana, we had a nice Christmas Eve at church and with friends and then a quiet Christmas morning at home. Our friends, the Zwahlens, invited us over for Christmas dinner at their house with two other families. We topped off a yummy turkey dinner with a birthday cake for Jesus with candles for all the little ones to blow out.

Before presents, we always start by reading the Christmas story out of the Bible. This year, they were so distracted that we had a quiz afterward!!!

Cameron on his new bike

Lucas happy as always!

Coonskin caps from Hunca and Pop Pop

Brendan with his new Knex set

Kenyon with his favorite game

Brendan and Cameron got bike riding gloves like Dad's

A game of Flippin Frogs anyone?

Here is Andrew opening his very own Leapster and Brendan telling him how he "earned it"

Here are all the kids singing Happy Birthday to Jesus

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