Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Passing on the left!!!

Kenyon had a day off of work today and after the boys finished all their school work this morning, we decided to take them on our first "family of six" bike ride. We put Lucas' carseat in the double bike trailer with Andrew and off we went on a beautiful Park City day. Here are a couple of highlights:

We stopped at a couple of spots - one to climb trees and one to play in a stream.

We took off Andrew's pants because he inevitably falls into any body of water (I think there is some sort of magnetic pull from water to all two year-olds). So his underwear got all wet and muddy when he did fall, so we had to wash him off before putting his dry pants back on. Quite funny.

Brendan and Cameron hunting for sticks.

Andrew is wet, muddy and loving it.

The Sweeney boy version of a bath!

Also, the boys had soccer lastnight and I have a couple of clips of Cameron on video. One is very short of him shooting a goal and the other is just of him playing and loving it. I was consoling a fussy baby during Brendan's entire game, so I'll have to video him another time. This is for the grandparents:

Also, Monday was my birthday and thanks to everyone who took the day off in my honor! I had a nice day with my family and went out to lunch with some sweet girlfriends and out to dinner with all my Sweeney men. On with another year!

Here is a picture with Jenny (left) and Christa (center) and Sawyer (Christa's adorable 5 month old son) - and of course Lucas, in his usual pose!

And this one is for Amanda and Carrie. This is a picture of my favorite birthday present: new Keen sandles. I know you girls are saying, "I wouldn't be caught dead in those!" or "Laurie, I don't think those are in your palette!" BUT - out here in Utah, these are high fashion and boy are they comfortable (and also 40% off!). Don't worry, I'll leave them home on our next girls' weekend (maybe).

I hope this post finds you all well. My next visit will be a tribute to all of the visitors we had this summer (prepare yourself - we had a lot of company!)


Grandma Jellybean said...

What a great family and a wonderful life. I am so proud of all of you and miss you all so much. Cameron looks like he really enjoys his soccer games and I'll look forward to seeing Brendan at his games soon. Andrew, that creek bath must have been cold!!
Love to you all,

Mountain Mama said...

Loved the update and pictures.
what a fun day on the bikes.

Carrie said...

Love the shoes Laur. I will walk proudly through the malls or outlets with you anyday!!! On another note,(not a knock on you because you love your shoes) I saw a great bumper sticker today. It said "The best things in life aren't things at all" or something like that. Nice I forget, but that's the thought provoking saying that was so thought provoking I can't repeat it. I need to got to bed. Love you!!

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