Friday, September 28, 2007

Birthday and Bloodshed...

It's been a while since my last post and most of you know that it is hunting season out here in Utah, so being a hunting widow doesn't leave me much free time these days. At this moment, I am nursing and typing at the same time!!! The multi-tasking never ends...

Cameron had his 5th birthday on September 21st and he had a little "frog party" to celebrate. We invited three friends from his soccer team over and here are a few highlights:

This is (L to R): Cameron, Alex, John, Brendan, Andrew and Ryan

Here's the frog cake - I can't take credit for it. Smith's grocery store made this out of cupcakes!

Here's Cameron in his frog shirt from Aunt Louie and his new frog hiking stick from Hunca Munca and Pop Pop.

Here is his new ski jacket that he will wear this year.

The new foldable soccer goal for the soccer enthusiasts.

Here we are with our five year old boy!!!

Lucas is growing like a weed and is at such a cute stage! Here is the section for the grandparents and aunties!!!

Here he is in my favorite outfit that Aunt Louie bought for him.

Below you'll see a short video of him "ahh-gooing" and with small giggles.

Speaking of hunting season, Kenyon shot his "once in a lifetime" trophy elk on opening night this past Wednesday. He took it to the butcher and the taxidermist, and brought the antlers home until the taxidermist needs them, so here's the boys with his trophy!

Below is a very dark video of Andrew using Kenyon's elk calling tool like a pro. You can't really see him, but it is hilarious that a two year-old
can call an elk so well!

Home sweet home after his hunt, seen here with his real trophies!!!

This one is so cute of Drew with Daddy!


leslie yatomi said...

Nice puke there...
and what about that elk call that Andrew is AWESOME at, maybe Dad could take him hunting this season?
As always thanks for all the pics, it inspires me to do my own blog...maybe.

Chris Hansen said...

Kenyon, nice Elk. Did you draw out at Hardware Ranch Preserve in Hyrum Utah? J/K. See you in Disneyland.


Chris Hansen

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