Thursday, March 22, 2012

hearts that heal

Welcome to the three new readers here after Candis and Denise and Kathy took this spot viral on the book of face today. :-)

And for the rest of you, your emails and comments were just what I needed. I choked tears back through each one and I feel so dearly loved. I'm definitely writing a future post that compiles all of the wisdom and encouragement you gave. It would be valuable in any types of trials.

Unfortunately, I'm going to disappoint you with this short and sweet post that is more of a teaser than anything. It is 10:30 p.m. here and I'm the only one awake in our dark room. We had a very full day of shopping, eating, and a visit to the Love Without Boundaries True Children's Healing Home. Google them now and realize that adoption is not the primary way to make a difference in the life of an orphan.

I can't wait to tell you about our sweet, sweet time with a bunch of smiling babies and their dedicated caregivers.

We have been splurging the 15 RMB (about $2.50) each night to enjoy the two Heineken bottles of beer in our hotel mini bar. I wish someone restocked my fridge with beer at home as dependably as the staff does here. It has been our nice little tradition to toast making it through both the good and the hard and being one day closer to going HOME!!!

Joya had a really good day overall. She learned her first English word other than her cute "Hello!" greeting. Actually, she learned her second English word too, but you'll have to check back for those stories.

We decided over the course of this week that we love China and it doesn't fit any of the stereotypes that many Americans have about it. Well, okay, the driving is CRAZY, so that is true, but other than that one it is a wonderful country to visit and we would like to bring Joya and the boys here to experience it someday.

Tomorrow afternoon we will receive her Chinese passport and get on an evening flight to Guangzhou to start the process for her entry in the US. A week from now, we will be home as a family of seven.

And that sounds just right.


Candis Daugherty said...

Thank You!!! Even it it's just a teaser, it's something. I can't really focus on anything I need to do for the day until I know how your day went. I sit at my computer thinking...okay, it's 8:30 pm their time...she has to post something soon...I keep refreshing blogger...I frantically check FB updates. Now I can resume my day. Sleep well, my friends!

Carrie said...

I feel the same way as candis, I am constantly checking fb and your blog. I cant always write when i read your posts but Laurie I have not stopped thinking about you, Kenyon and sweet baby Joya. You are so wonderful in sacrificing for your kids and Kenyon, the time you are giving Joya, to understand her need to grieve, to encourage Joya to attach toKenyon, to scream and cry as as she settles to sleep, all while you just want to pick her up and make it all better. You are an amazing mother, loving Joya in a way that she needs but not the way you want to love her!! This will all become a sweet and distant memory in the years to come as Joy Christine Sweeney grows up on the best family ever!!! I love you Laur!!! Can't wait for the next post!!

Anderson, Party of Five! said...

Love you friend! Lucas has been hanging with us a ton - he's great and SO excited about Joya. Amy taped pictures of her to his lunchbox to take to school. It did not let it out of his sight. He had to hold it in the back seat of the car on the way to and from school. Proud big brother! So cute!
Miss you. Don't like not being able to chat with you.
Much, much love from here!

deborah schillinger said...

Just getting our heads above water after the stomach big flying through the house. Oh and you read about the ridiculousness with George. I am so excited for you to be moving to the next place, one step closer to be home. I know this sounds silly but take this moment in because as much as this is hard and you want to be home with your life and boys all together, this is an AWESOME time ( including the good and the bad). It won't come again. We miss you and love you dearly!

Diana P. said...

One word: MORE PICTURES PLEASE! (Okay, that's three words, but you het my drift, right?). :)

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