Saturday, June 11, 2011

little wild horses

I often think about the fact that my kids have no concept of how exceptional their surroundings are.  They climb mountains, ski down them, visit national parks (often), and have been exposed to some of the most unique back country wilderness that I have seen in my life - all before my eldest even finishes elementary school.

Heck, our views on our walk to the bus stop would stop any flat-landers in their tracks.

Our visit to southern Utah this spring was no exception.  Amidst all the hiking memories we have created as a family, Little Wild Horse Canyon stands out easily as my favorite.

As much as I really enjoy writing stories, this time the pictures are really worth a thousand words.

2011-04-12 13.08.03

2011-04-12 13.31.31

2011-04-12 13.43.23

2011-04-12 13.43.53

2011-04-12 13.45.55

2011-04-12 14.08.57

2011-04-12 16.15.30

2011-04-12 16.15.35




My men are already talking about hiking this one again.

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