Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog via phone

So, I have this new fancy dancy android phone. It's no iphone, but I love it so far. I have a little blogging app and have yet to try it out, so here we go!

Hanging out at Sportman's Warehouse to appease my Beloved this morning. We have Squirt with us and only Squirt. Strange, right? My in-laws are visiting and have taken the three big boys for a fun adventure that has something to do with lunch and a botanical garden.

We chose a minor league baseball game in the warm sunshine to fill the time. Somehow getting there took us right past the hunting gear store. Never a quick stop where testosterone is concerned. I have written this entire post while waiting at customer service while a special order is placed by my man for the specific camo shirt that will make all the difference come autumn.

I was enlightened to find out that string bikinis are produced in mossy oak camo pattern. My man was also enlightened to find out he could keep dreaming anout ever seeing me in one.


Mama Shoe said...

Like to see what mossy oak camo looks like. Does your fancy phone take pictures to upload to the blog too?

Kathy said...

We just got electricity here, so I am categorically impressed. :0)

A 'mossy oak camo string bikini' sounds like a bad punchline. :0)

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